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Can I organise a walk at my school or church?

Yes! Every year schools and churches across Australia organise their own local Walk.

It’s easy to hold your own Walk – and there are different ways we can set it up for you:

  1. You can take paid registrations, where every Walker gets a t-shirt and a fundraising page
  2. Or you might like to only have one fundraising page for your whole school or church, and send this link to everyone who would like to donate
  3. Or why not have Teams of Walkers who compete to see who can help the most children go to school!

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  • School
    • We’d love to help your school organise a Walk My Way.

      We can help you with:

      • Deciding what kind of event is best for your school
      • Getting a fundraising and event page set up online
      • Creating promos
      • And much more!

      Simply get in touch with us on 1300 763 407 or

      Our school wants to use Walk My Way as a rite of passage or service activity.

      Great idea! Many schools have built Walk My Way into an annual event that a year level works towards as part of their curriculum.

      For example, Encounter Lutheran School at Victor Harbour sets aside one day of their Year 9 camp to complete their 26km walk. In the lead up to camp, the students participate in information sessions and activities facilitated by an ALWS staff member.

      You can see more about what the Walk meant for students and teachers at Encounter in this 3-minute video: Footsteps to Follow

  • Awareness + Action
    • Did you know...

      ... we have LOADS of FREE curriculum resources for you to use in the classroom, including topics about Walk My Way and Refugees

      You’ll find:

      • Information and classroom activities for preppies to Year 12
      • Beautiful and inspirational clips about walking and the refugee journey
      • Heart-wrenching stories about refugees and others you’ve helped through ALWS
      • PLUS chapel resources, photos, and more!

      Can’t find what you’re looking for or there’s something else you’d like?

      For a step by step guide on how together we can organise Walk My Way in your school, email or call 1300 763 407

      We look forward to hearing from you!

      What other teachers and students are saying...

      ... Walk My Way gives your students the chance to experience a taste of the refugee journey – AND take practical action to change lives. Hear what these schools say about organising their own Walk My Way, and how it enhanced students’ learning.

      Walk My Way gives your students the chance to experience a taste of the refugee journey – AND take practical action to change lives. Hear what these schools say about organising their own Walk My Way, and how it enhanced students’ learning.

      “It was a great day and we well and truly exceeded what we had hoped for.”
      - Josh, Chaplain, Faith Lutheran School

      “Last week, our Year 9s immersed themselves in the refugee journey with a Walk My Way through Kuitpo Forest. For short periods of time they carried each other, ran for cover, walked without shoes, and heard stories of real refugee experiences. While they know it was only a taste of what real refugees go through, they learnt so much. The day after they did the Walk, the students were given $10 to buy lunch in Rundle Mall as they had a day in the city. A number of the Year 9’s gave their $10 back and said “we will use our own money to buy lunch; we want this $10 to go to Walk My Way’.”
      - Andrew, Teacher, Tatachilla Lutheran College

      “We have learnt so much about the journey refugees have to take to get to the safety of a refugee camp that we feel we are letting them down if we don’t complete what we say we were going to complete - even if our feet and legs are feeling sore. It is nothing compared to what the refugees have to go through’.
      - Year 9 student, Tatachilla Lutheran College

      “We’re very happy with how the day went. It was a pleasure to be involved, because the hard work was already done by you. We appreciated all your support and encouragement. It was important to have you as the contact with the council. If we had had to do it, the Walk would never have happened. You have the experience of dealing with councils and know what needs to happen.”
      - Graeme, Chaplain, St Andrews Lutheran College

      “Thanks for all your help. The kids are already asking ‘are we doing it again next year’!”
      - Shona, St Andrews Lutheran College

      “We had a fabulous walk and students all ended up walking 24km on the one day. Everyone was sore, yet we persisted and it was an amazing event. It was huge and we were absolutely exhausted and hurting, but the reward was far more special.”
      - Simone, Teacher, St Paul’s Henty

  • Church
    • Come as you are

      You don’t have to be a big church full of event-organising experts to do your own Walk. You just need a BIG heart for refugee children!

      Like St Matthew’s in the tiny town of Maclagan in Queensland. Their 10 Sunday School children (plus a few rings-ins!) walked 26 laps of the church and Sunday School building...

      ...and helped 54 refugee children go to school – 5 children for every Sunday School child!

      Member Margaret reports: “The congregation as well as various mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts, cousins and neighbours helped fill the donation box with a wonderful amount.

      “The kids gave it their all with lots of sweat and “are we there yet?’ comments and were thoroughly busted when done, but they all felt strongly about helping the children in Africa to go to school.’

      Perhaps you’re an older group, and unsure how many of your members will be able to join in. Then let the lovely folk at Good Shepherd Ringwood/Knox parish inspire you!

      Through Walk your Way, they chose an activity (walking, swimming, knitting)...
      ...and a challenge target (walking around the block 26 times, swimming 26 days in a row, knitting 26 scarves)

      ...and asked their friends and family to sponsor them.

      The group’s goal was to help 77 refugee children go to school – and they ended up helping 251 kids!

      And you can too.

      We’ll help you work out what kind of Walk will work best for you, get you set up online to take donations, and create bulletin inserts or powerpoint slides for your Walk so you can spread the word.

      We’ve also got a stash of worship resources created specifically for Walk My Way, including reflections on the refugee journey and prayers for those you’re helping.

      For a step by step guide on how together we can organise Walk My Way in your church, email or call 1300 763 407.

      We look forward to hearing from you!