Online Fundraising


Schools & Churches

Can I organise a walk at my school or church?

Yes please - that would be awesome!

There are two easy ways to run a Walk My Way event:

  1. Online
  2. Offline

1. Run your Walk My Way event online

Organising the event online gives you loads of great options:

  • Take registrations so every Walker has their own fundraising page
  • Create teams - compete against each other to see who can help the most refugee children!
  • Have a webpage with all the Walk information in one spot (don’t worry - we’ll create it for you!)

It’s easy to organise your event online. Simply get in touch with Kirra - and we’ll set it up for you!

(Note that if children under 18 years old wish to create their own individual online fundraising page, they’ll need to get their parents’ permission when they register).

2. Run your Walk My Way event offline

Maybe you’d like to do a walk with your Year 1 class or the Junior Primary School. In that case, an offline event might be better for you.

We’ve put together some FREE resources on how to do it - from planning and organisation to sponsorship sheets and permission forms.

Let us know if there’s something else you need that you can’t find!

Teachers, do you know...

We have LOADS of FREE curriculum resources for you to use in the classroom?

You’ll find:

  • Information and classroom activities for preppies to Year 12
  • Beautiful and inspirational clips about walking and the refugee journey
  • Heart-wrenching stories about refugees and others you’ve helped through ALWS
  • PLUS chapel resources, photos, and more!

Can’t find what you’re looking for or there’s something else you’d like?

Call us on 1300 763 407 or email Kirra at