What is Walk My Way?

How far would you go...
... so a refugee child can go to school?

Walk My Way gives you the chance to join with people around Australia in a 26km walking challenge - and raise money to support refugee kids to go to school at the same time!
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See how you change lives!

For just $26, you can help a refugee child go to school by providing teachers + textbooks + tables.


Teach the Teacher

Through Walk My Way, you can help train a refugee Primary teacher at Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. Average class size is 123 & children may be traumatised. Teachers in core subjects like Science, Maths & English needed.


Learning for Life!

Thanks to people like you, children at Kakuma Refugee Camp have books, pencils & crayons. Principal Asende says: 'I like teaching so much. I want these children to get knowledge like I have.'


Education is light

Student Hayet is so grateful for her new school at Ali Addeh Refugee Camp in Djibouti. She says: “ Education is light. Who has not education, I think it is like they are blind”.




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