Walk your way to help children in East Africa and Myanmar to walk their way into education!

Did you know, the human foot contains 26 bones? You can use all 26 of those bones to walk 26 kilometres and raise much needed funds to enable children in East Africa opportunities to go to school!

Why 26?

$26 – The average price of a family bundle from an Australian Fast–Food restaurant
$26 – The average price of 1x Adult VMax ticket to the cinema
$26 – 1x Beef Eye Fillet steak from an Australian supermarket
$26 – The amount of dollars it takes to send one child to school for one year in East Africa

We’d love for you to join us!

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See how you change lives!

For just $26, you can help a refugee child go to school by providing teachers + textbooks + tables.

Teach the Teacher

Through Walk My Way, you can help train a teacher like Au Man Gaw Ni at a camp in Sittwe, Myanmar: “It is my dream job to be a teacher. We have 148 children here and four teachers. With education, children can build a better life, so they can be a success.’

12,500km of Kindness

Your kindness through Walk My Way and ALWS travels 12,500km from Australia to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, where you help to educate 60,000 children, including children with disabilities.

Hope for the future

Helen shares the reason she decided to Walk My Way: “Our own children had a great education offered to them with so many opportunities. I knew that if we could do the same for the refugee children it would give them hope for their futures.’


Walking together with thanks to our Platinum Event Partner

We’d love you to join us!