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Saturday 18th April 2020

Melbourne, VIC


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Would you like to enjoy a stunning trail, fantastic company, great food AND help others at the same time?

Then Walk My Way Melbourne is for you!


What makes Walk My Way Melbourne special?

  1. A 26km Walk from Luther College, Croydon, to Doncaster Lutheran church, one of the earliest Lutheran churches in Victoria.
  2. Enjoy parks, creek trails, and lakes. You may even spot a koala!
  3. Walk past the historic German pioneer homestead Friedensruh.
  4. It's a great way to get fit... and work off those Easter choccies.
  5. You'll be helping refugee children in East Africa go to school!

What does the day look like?

We'll give you a hearty breakfast at Luther College, followed by an opening ceremony.

Then it's time to get walking! 

You’ll walk through the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail, Green Gully Linear Park and Ruffey Park Lake. Enjoy the natural flora, the bird watching and, if you're lucky, the sighting of the occasional koala!

Towards the end of your journey, you'll pass the German homestead Friedensruh, before arriving at Doncaster Lutheran Church for a finish line celebration!

There’ll be buses to take you to and from the start and finish, so you can leave your car at either end.

You can even bring a team of students and teachers from your school. What a great way to bring your school community together to help others! 

What if I can't get to Melbourne?

There are also Walks in the Barossa Valley and Gold Coast (coming soon!)...

...or you can hold your own Walk!

If you want to do a Walk at your school, church or with friends, click here to find out how.

If you want to do a Walk by yourself, click here to find out how.

Can I run instead of walk?

Yes, runners are very welcome; however, be aware that there will not be a truck to carry packs from your start location to the finish.

Run?? I can hardly walk!

If you can't walk 26km, you can choose a shorter option from 18kms, 11kms or 5kms (see question below).

If you're not up to walking at all, there are so many other ways to participate. Sponsor a walker, sponsor a team or simply donate. Pray. Volunteer. Contact Kirra to find out how you can help!

How far should I walk?

This depends on your level of fitness.

You can do:

  • 18km from Schwerkolts Cottage, Mitcham
  • 11km from Mullum Mullum Reserve, Donvale
  • 5kms from Pettys Reserve, Templestow

You can choose your Start Point when you register online.

I'd like to know more about the timing on the day and what I should bring.

Sure! The Walkers' Information will be available at the bottom of this page by December.

What time are the buses?

We will be offering a bus shuttle service between Luther College (start of Walk) and Doncaster Lutheran Church (end of Walk) and the various starting points.

The bus schedule will be available in December.

Is there a bus to take me home from Doncaster Lutheran Church at the end of the walk?

Sorry, no. If you have no one to collect you from Doncaster Lutheran Church, then you can leave your car there in the morning and take the bus to the start location.

What happens if the weather is bad?

If high temperature is forecast (35 Celsius or above) or if other extreme weather conditions are forecast (lightning, gale force winds), the Walk will be cancelled. You'll be informed at the start locations, via email, SMS and Facebook.

What happens if I or a person in my group injures themselves?

There will be a First Aid officer on duty at different points along the trail and at the end. There is an emergency contact number provided. Please refer to the Walkers' Information below for what to do in an emergency.

I've got more questions...

Not a problem! Please have a look at:

  • the Walk My Way FAQs here
  • the Walkers' Information sheet below under Further Information (available in December)
  • when Kirra starts sending Walker emails, you'll find them below under Further Information.

If your question still isn't answered, please get in touch!

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