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To help refugee children go to school, I'm taking part in the Walk My Way challenge.

It's only $26 to help provide a teacher, textbook and table for one pre-school child living in a refugee camp in Kenya or Djibouti. Many of these kids were born here, and know no other life. Some even arrived alone, without mum or dad.

I want to help in a practical way that changes lives - and I know I can do just that!

I'd love it if you could support me in my challenge by sponsoring me. Simply click on the Donate button now.

(If you decide you want to give it a go yourself, you can find out more here!)

Thank you so much for taking action to bring love to life for these refugee kids, and supporting me in the Walk My Way challenge!



can help 1 refugee child go to school


can help 2 refugee children go to school


can help 5 refugee children go to school


can help 10 refugee children go to school
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Beverley Schneider donated 5 months ago

Walk my way - and shave my head and beard - a great way to provide education to children whose life circumstances are so far removed from our privileged existence! God bless every child and every cent!

ZANE BAUSCH donated 5 months ago


ZANE BAUSCH donated 5 months ago


Jenny Hockings donated 5 months ago


Mark Forward donated 5 months ago

Well done Chris!!

Leanne Erian donated 5 months ago


Anonymous donated 6 months ago


Pat Ashman donated 6 months ago


Sue Ayers donated 6 months ago


Margaret Spiteri donated 6 months ago