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G'day friends! :) In April 2020 I'm going to participate in the Australian Lutheran World Service WALK MY WAY event here in Melbourne.

We're putting together a LUTHERAN YOUTH OF VICTORIA team to help raise money that will assist in sending refugee children to school - all coordinated by the overseas aid and development agency of the Lutheran Church: "ALWS".

The first person to donate $100 gets to name our team! I'll even arrange for a message of your choice to be personalised on the back of my shirt. Else I'm definitely going with one of these finalists:

  • Legs Misérables
  • Baby Got Track
  • Road Scholars
  • Witness the Fitness
  • or (my personal favourite) Christopher Walkin'

Otherwise, for a donation of only $26, you'll help provide a teacher, textbook and table for one pre-school child living in a refugee camp in Kenya, Djibouti, or Sudan. Many of these kids were born here, and know no other life. Some even arrived alone, without mum or dad. (As always, absolutely anything you're comfortable with contributing is warmly and graciously accepted!)

Now, I'm not a long distance walker, and I confuse "Let's go for a run" with "Let's go for a RUM" quite easily... and it's not a masterchefstyle stir fry competition called "WOK my way"... but I'm hoping to get this walking thing down (preferably downhill!) and raise some much-needed funds for ALWS!

Anyhoo - I'd be so grateful for your support, and if you could sponsor me towards achieving this goal, I know it would also motivate me to get back on track (badoom!) with my fitness & training towards making it really count on this day! (Just click on the Donate Now button!) And if you decide you'd like to give Walk My Way a go yourself, you can find out more about it all over here:


Thanks so much for helping me to bring some love to life for these refugee kids, and for supporting me in the ALWS Walk My Way on Saturday 18 April 2020!

Maya x



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