Do your own thing

I can't get to any of the planned Walks, so I'd like to do my own Walk.

Great! We'd love you to!

Set yourself a personal walking challenge: climb a local hill carrying 26kgs, walk around the block 26 times, walk backwards for a whole day...

In fact, you can set yourself any kind of challenge you like - shaving your head, going without TV for a week, giving up technology... The crazier it is, the more others will want to sponsor you to do it!

Once you've decided on your challenge, follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Register - choose 'Do My Own Thing' from the dropdown
  2. Describe your challenge on your personal fundraising page
  3. Send your fundraising page to your family, friends, colleagues, the dog walker - everyone you know! - to sponsor you
  4. Do your Walk
  5. Feel awesome that you changed the life of a refugee child!

If you'd like to organise a group to walk with you, click here.