Do your own thing

I can't get to Adelaide, so I'd like to organise my own Walk.

Great! We'd love you to!

You can hold your own Walk with your family and friends, at church – or simply do your own thing!

Organising a Walk with your family, friends, church... whoever!

We've put together some FREE resources on how to organise your own event - from planning and organisation to sponsorship sheets and permission forms.

If you’re a teacher you can create a team for your whole school – or make each class a team and see who can raise the most to help refugee kids! Check out the schools section for more info.

If you're wanting to do a Walk with others... it's easy to create and join a team

  • Have one person create your own Walk fundraising page here. Once you've created it, you will be able to create your own team from your personalised dashboard. 
  • You can then invite others and they can create their own fundraising pages and choose to join your team. Easy!

Doing your own thing... solo!

If organising a group of people isn’t your thing, why not set yourself a personal walking challenge.

Climb a local hill carrying 26kgs, walk around the block 26 times, walk backwards for a whole day – the more crazy, the more others will want to sponsor you to do it!

Create your own Walk fundraising page here.