What is Walk My Way?

Walk My Way gives you the chance to join with people around Australia in a 26km walking challenge – and raise money to support refugee kids to go to school at the same time!

When: Saturday 13th April 2019

Where: Women’s Pioneer trail, Hahndorf, Adelaide Hills to Beaumont, Adelaide

Our target: $130,000 to help support 5,000 refugee children in Africa to go to pre-school!

If you can't make it to Adelaide for the Walk, you can organise a Walk with your school, church, family and friends or walk solo!

What makes Walk My Way special?

1. Each $26 you raise can help a refugee child go to school for a whole year!

2. You walk through the amazing Adelaide Hills in autumn - sensational colours and the smell of home fires burning

3. We feed you! Farmhouse German Breakfast, Sausage Sizzle at Stirling, a sweet surprise along the way, and a Welcome Meal when you arrive

4. You walk in the footsteps of Pioneer Women from 150 years ago, who faced bushrangers and drunks!

5. Your Walk can be an Easter Pilgrimage

6. Walk My Way is part of The GRACE Project, aiming to support 40,000 refugee children to go to school!


When you register for the Walk, you’ll automatically also create a personal fundraising page to share with your family and friends.

 Your friends and family can donate any amount they like to support you.

Your supporters might like to choose $26 (or multiples of $26!) as a per kilometre incentive…

…$1 per child in an averaged size Australian class (compared to 90+ children per class in a refugee camp!)

Just $26 helps to provide...

...for children in refugee camps in Kenya and Djibouti.

 ALWS takes your support there through our LWF team (Lutheran World Federation) and the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).

(ALWS stands for Australian Lutheran World Service, the Lutheran Church of Australia's Overseas Aid and Resettlement Agency). 

Why the Adelaide Hills?

The 26km track follows the steps of pioneer Lutheran women, who fled Prussia as ‘refugees’ to escape persecution.

While we walk in their footsteps and celebrate the 500th anniversary of reformation, we also reflect on the journey of today’s refugees seeking safety.

ALWS actually began life to help refugees fleeing from Europe to Australia after WW2. At this time, there were 8 million Lutheran refugees.

In fact, one in 6 of the world’s refugees were Lutherans!

Walk My Way is a unique opportunity to reflect on where we’ve come from, how blessed we’ve been, and help those who need us now.

Step out to bring Love to Life!

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